The Sabrelance Group

For 30 years, the Sabrelance Group carried out advisory work in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and corporate strategy for clients ranging from small companies to large multinationals. 

Our focus was primarily on medium and smaller sized businesses and transactions and our aim was to bring to our clients high quality, independent advice.

Our executive directors had more than 40 years of experience in international investment banking and corporate strategy consulting and handled a range of complex assignments.

We undertook transactions and consultancy projects for companies located in W. Europe, E. Europe, Russia, USA, China and the Far East.

Sabrelance was founded in 1983, as a fund manager and corporate finance adviser.

We are no longer acceting new business.

All references to Sabrelance are to Sabrelance Limited, Registered in England as company number 1802537, of 66 Richborne Terrace, London SW8 1AX, United Kingdom.